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Sweet Anchovies is a boutique consulting firm of Silicon Valley insiders who have over 80 combined years worth of technical, marketing, and creative experience in not just the tech industry, but the financial industry as well. We’ve been solving problems for the world’s biggest companies and are ready to help solve your problems, too.

Our services include planning and managing building developments, studio build-outs, engineering, installation of technical server and storage solutions, and much more. We are ready to help you through anything that might come your way.


One of the things we excel at is taking a look at the big picture. We like to come in and assess the good, the bad, and the ugly. Then, we work with you to map out a plan to make the organization more capable and successful than ever before. We do it with a combination of resource, technical, and product recommendations complete with an action plan for implementation. We even create the presentations to help with budget allotment and management buy-in. Whatever it is you need, we can help.


Sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. That’s when a trusted outside source can become an invaluable resource in helping assess an organization and help retune resources, technology, workflows, and procedures to make sure the group is directly on target with the stated business goals of the larger organization.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to performing the work. Sometimes, a group isn’t running on all cylinders and needs to take a step back and figure out the best way forward. That’s where we come in. We can take a good hard look at how the organization works and come up with workflow designs, technology solutions, and resource plans that help your business run as smoothly and effectively as possible.


When it comes to technology we’ve written the book on storage and server tech. (Seriously… one of our guys really did write the book on XSAN for Apple.) We’ve designed and deployed petabyte storage networks for major companies and continue to run, maintain, and upgrade storage and server installations around the globe. We’ve even developed and deployed software solutions as well. Whatever you need tech wise, we have you covered.

Marketing and Creative

Consumer product marketing is its own discipline in the world of business. We have many years of experience in marketing and marketing communications. From campaign to web and direct consumer events, we can help your business ensure the success of your product.


Do you need some creative help with a video you want to put up on YouTube? Got a social plan that involves a creative video but have no idea how to do it? We can help. We’ve been doing creative for a long time. And if you’ve seen anything on the Internet, chances are you’ve seen some of the creative that we’ve worked on.
Our team has its pedigree with the marketing communications department of a really big company. Creative with a purpose is what we excel at. And that purpose is to sell. Let's talk about your creative needs.


You’ve got your creative all figured out…now what? Creative and Production go hand in hand, so as you might expect, we have lots of experience there, too. From $12 million budgets for a product launch video down to a low budget team building video for the Christmas party. Wherever your creative takes you, we can get you there.


Once your product is ready, it's time to let the customers know. And that's where marketing comes in. In fact, the majority of our team has worked in marketing, building up the marketing strategy and then creating and building marketing materials, events, video, and even DM. But, it's the strategy that's really important. How does the product fulfill the customer's needs? Why should they buy your product over the competition? We can help you come up with the strategy you need to make sure your product is as successful as it can be.

Management team

A company is only as good as its people. And a consulting company is only as good as its people's experience. Take a closer look at the primary members of the Sweet Anchovies team.

Mike Tyson

Michael has worked in high tech for over 20 years in various roles in sales and marketing for Apple, Inc. Along with working directly for top corporate leaders for Fortune 100 companies (Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Bill Gates), he helped manage the international expansion of a technical services firm in the UK and throughout the US, Europe and Asia and managed a large team while at Apple. Michael’s experience in sales, service, customer relations, and having key contacts throughout the world in both government and corporate roles, will be key to business success.

Walt Shires

Walt recently retired from Apple, having begun working in 1998 when Apple was on the verge of collapse. Early in his career, he was hand selected by Phil Schiller to be the Product Marketing Manager of professional video editing applications. Walt was instrumental in the marketing of video products at Apple for many years working directly with Steve Jobs and other executives. He then spent his later years at Apple working in the Marketing Communications department marketing all of Apple’s products and helping to make Apple, Inc. the world's largest corporation.

Fritz Ogden

Prior to joining Sweet Anchovies, Fritz spent 22 years at Apple in various roles managing teams in marketing and sales. His experience includes years of media production and project management, including back-end systems for Apple Store, Marketing Operations, and designing programs and campaigns to help deliver solutions to Apple’s customers worldwide. Fritz started in accounting and finance, which has served him well in administrative roles leading teams to deliver solutions and tools to Apple’s customers worldwide. As Head of Operations, Fritz brings the communication skills, heavy project management, and workflow needed to our consulting projects. Fritz also focuses on the change in management needed by organizations to implement infrastructure deployments.

Dawud Shereef

Dawud is a seasoned Operations Executive with 15 years experience leading trading and sales operations teams for J.P. Morgan. He has held key leadership positions and been instrumental in designing the business workflows, operating model, and controls infrastructure for both the Global Currencies and Emerging Markets business as well as the Global eCommerce trading business. At J.P. Morgan, he developed models to both measure and mitigate operational risk in manual transaction flows and automated execution environments. He is a strong believer in pairing quantitative and qualitative analysis to drive business results.

Chad Kunysz

Prior to joining our team, Chad spent nearly a decade tailoring strategic wealth solutions to the needs endowments, foundations, and high net worth families as a Portfolio Manager and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley before founding ECHO 5 KILO, Inc., a business management and strategy consultancy in San Francisco. In addition to proudly serving as a Platoon Sergeant for a United States Marine Corps infantry weapons platoon, he was also a Squad Leader at Marine Corps Security Forces Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company Europe.

Eric Tucker

Prior to joining our team, Eric served as VP of a sports marketing company responsible for operations, strategy, sponsor relations, and contract negotiations. He led programs that leveraged airshows as an avenue to fulfill strategic marketing objectives of companies such as Oracle, ManPower, NetApp, and Textron. Eric co-founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit (the Bob Hoover Academy), cultivated its Board of Directors, and served as its Executive Director. The Academy catalyzes life changing experiences in Aviation and Education for at-risk and under-privileged teens in Monterey County. Over the years, Eric has served as a technical consultant for companies such as Apple, Disney, and Etihad Airways, on projects ranging from business management and strategy to theatrical aerial entertainment and aviation safety flight training.

MBE Certification

The National Minority Supplier Development Council helps businesses and organizations be sure that the people they're dealing with are indeed minority owned. In our case, we are 100% minority owned. Here is a copy of our NMSDC MBE certification.

What is Haystak?

One of the things we discovered while doing consulting work with various companies and government organizations is that they all have one thing in common. They can't find the files they are looking for. They all know the data exists, but unless they know what server to look on, the filename they are looking for, or can find the person who created the files they are looking for... they can't find them.

One day while working with the Department of Defense, we had an idea... and that idea turn into a software solution called Haystak. Click the Haystak logo below to go to the Haystak website and see for yourself what Haystak could do for you.

Sweet Anchovies is the exclusive reseller of Haystak.

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